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28 01, 2020

Digital Transformation: Unlocking The Value

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Digital innovation is all around us and it's reshaping the future like never before. From self-driving Tesla cars to autonomous Uber taxis to Alpha Go- digital innovations are having a profound impact not only on businesses but, society and economy at large. One of the reasons businesses fail at digital [...]

28 01, 2020

How To Move Up The Digital Power Curve

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Of all the major shifts/transformations that businesses are gaping across the globe, reinventing operational model is the most common and inevitable one. No points for guessing that the need is driven by digital evolution. The digital technology has transformed every business into a services business, irrespective of whether it is [...]

18 07, 2019

How To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

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Being successful as an entrepreneur isn’t about cherry picking, but being a rag picker. You shouldn’t wait for the perfect condition, but learn how to leverage upon imperfect cauldron. Be like a rag picker that picks the most valuable rags out of the anything and everything littered around. Learn how to make life out of rags, every single day-every single hour, without loss of ebullience. An innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income is what drives progress. And, you do that by making optimum utilization of the scare resources around yourself than seeking easy access to capital.

17 07, 2019

How To Conquer The Entrepreneurship Detour

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The snag was always there. It’s the urge to free oneself from the self-inflicted captivity that blinkers the impediment. The detour to entrepreneurship always looks like a blue sky as compared to being a committal employee. Gifted are those who possess a vision to understand that the road to entrepreneurs’ demesne isn’t expressway, but an off-road experience. It’s akin to having bucolic dalliance with ephemeral things to be able to get that bowl of holy grail called success. You need not focus on the mountain to be conquered, but the small pebble in your shoes that may wear you out.

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